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What’s New

  • Living & Dining Rooms

    Texture, furnishings, color, surfaces—all reflect a mood and function.

  • Bathrooms

    Our bathrooms exude calm, retreat, luxury. Color is here, but softened for flattery. The lighting is both moody and dimmable, and clear and bright for grooming.

  • Kitchens

    Kitchens, warm and inviting for gatherings are balanced with sleek and functional layouts and services.

  • Bedrooms

    Retreats – based in your colors, your most special art and personal object – all especially designed to nurture.

  • Commercial

  • Exteriors

    Adding some exterior color will enhance and differentiate your project. We have worked with landscape professionals on plantings to balance and accent the exterior palettes.

  • Custom Pieces

    Designing custom furniture, lighting and architectural pieces is the height of design fun for us and clients. Something unique just for your project that functions perfectly for your needs.

  • Orcas Island Retreat

    We created a small gem for everyone who loves sun and water—an environment designed with pure fun in mind.

  • In Vivo Design

    Edy Keeler specializes in design that integrates color, texture, and materials into a cohesive whole. She can show you how...

  • 6 Affordable Ways to Bring New Life to a Room

    Whether you have invested many months into renovating a room – or you’re frantically primping it for an impromptu visit...

  • Palette Studies Based on 10th Century Art Form

    Recently I was introduced to an art treasure trove: a friend’s brother’s work, created in the 60s and 70s, now...

Client Testimonials

Edy Keeler of Core Value Interiors has been working with me on the planning stages of updating a 1980’s era house, especially the kitchen, bathrooms, colors and furnishings. I have admired the work she has done for others for several years and know her to be friendly, vivacious and pleasant. She is experienced, resourceful and creative and very knowledgeable about sources . I appreciate her loyalty and respect for the client’s tastes, budget and wishes while introducing contemporary products, technology and ideas without “selling out” to the newest fad or trend. Because we are in the planning stages, the project has not been completed.

I am so appreciative of all your fabulous creative insights, and helping me get my studio looking amazing. I want to make sure you know how much I value you and all you’ve done. The money I’ve spent so far is all worth it.

NR, Santa Fe artist

Edy is exquisite with color and fabrics. Wonderfully creative. She is easy to work with and is very thoughtful in her approach to the client’s space—especially regarding his/her own tastes and preferences. The result is gorgeous, and the process is fun. I look forward to another project with her.

–K. Moore, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“From my perspective as both builder and home-owner, Edy is great to work with.  She has long experience in the field and very competently blends the essential elements of interior design — lighting, color, texture, materials — into a harmonious whole.  She’s a team player and works efficiently and quickly, so critical building schedules can be met.  On top of it all, Edy’s a great person and really fun to work with.  I look forward to my next project with her.”

–Steve Thomas, Spokesperson, Habitat for Humanity, and former host, This Old House

Trish and Dick turned to one of Santa Fe’s best design teams, Robert Zachry, AIA, and Edy Keeler to spruce up the interiors…Keeler’s exceptional facility with finishes made her a natural choice for updating several dated spaces.

Santa Fean, October 2014